Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, new me!

Just kidding, same me. But I do have a few changes I'd love to make in 2014.

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise. 
*I'm embarrassed to say I have not regularly exercised since I got pregnant with Luke. I said, I am just going to enjoy this pregnancy and maybe workout here and there. Whereas with Beck I exercised until the night I went in to have him. Well I'm paying for it now. Body is definitely different this time around and the motivation to start again is nowhere to be found. So I have signed up for bootcamp again and let's just say I am scared.

2. Cook more healthy dinners, and try a new recipe every week. 
*this will be my hardest to keep but the one I am determined to do.

3. Read more.
*because nothing makes me happier than getting lost in a book.

4. Be on my phone less.
*not going to lie I love my phone. I get a little anxious when I don't have it. It's my connection to the world when being a stay at home mom has me feeling disconnected. BUT I want to be less connected to the phone and more connected to my kids and husband.

5. Stop the yelling. 
*I'm a yeller and not proud of that. Really going to stop this.

6. Go to church more
*always feel better after I have been.

7. Try and live by " if you don't have a anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

And there you have it! Quite the list...

Most importantly I will live by this: 

Well, Hello Again!

I can't believe how much has changed since I last posted on this little blog. I changed jobs and was the happiest I had ever been in my career and made some incredible friends along the way, I got pregnant with baby boy #2, I had Luke Harrington Taylor August 19, 2013, three years and one week after we welcomed our first beautiful boy into the world. Luke has been the greatest gift our family could ever receive, he is a ball of smiles and happiness.

Looking back at this blog I realized how much I love that a few memories are written down somewhere for me to look back on fondly. So I am back to blogging and not for anyone but myself. So if you happen to stumble across this blog I can't promise it will be the most interesting or the prettiest but it will be full of memories!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Making Goals

I like to constantly make new goals for myself.  I can't say I always meet these goals or I don't give up on them once I've somewhat met them but I at least try.  One goal that I am always striving to meet is being healthy: body, mind, and spirit. 

I started with this goal by trying to be more positive, especially at work which is where I struggle with it the most.  I have just been trying to cut out as much negativity around me as possible.  I then decided I needed a healthier body so I joined bootcamp again and it has made me feel so much better, after a good workout I am instantly in a great mood and start the mornings off right. Next is spirit which really for me just means going to church and praying more often.  The prayer thing I have got covered but I'd be lying if I didn't say there are Sundays I skip church (gasp! don't tell my mom!).

Part of this being healthy thing for me means cooking more often!  David says my family is weird in that we prefer a home cooked meal over eating out anytime.  David definitely prefers eating out, take out, etc.  and he got me in a bad habit of this quick and easy dining.  However, he says he is sick of going out to eat with me because there are only about 5 restaurants in Pensacola I'll go to and I basically order custom meals and it is embarrassing. Also, Beck has decided he hates restaurants too...

I don't have much time to get dinner on the table after work so quick meals and crock pot meals are my friends.  I have found great recipes on Pinterest and have had David pick out the ones that look appealing to him.  Last night I made avocado and bacon pasta salad and it was awesome!  It was light and so quick and easy, find the recipe here.  I did alter it a little by adding tomatoes and broccoli and using lemon pepper instead of lemon juice and freshly grated Parmesan cheese instead of Romano.

 Pinned Image


 David and Beck love Mexican so I am always trying to come up with new Mexican dishes (tacos can get old fast). This weekend I am trying this.  If it's a hit it will be one of my go to crock pot meals.  The crock pot is so great because I can throw everything in before I leave for work and I come home to a completely cooked and ready meal. 

Pinned Image

 Looks Delicious!

Happy Friday!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Have you minted yet?

Have you jumped on the Mint train yet?  I learned about stylemint, shoemint, jewelmint, etc.  a couple months ago and I am in love.  A few of my favorite people / celebrity crushes / style idols represent these lines, specifically Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Rachel Bilson.  I have been mildly obsessed with the Olsen twins for as long as I can remember.  I never missed Full House, I have probably seen every straight to video movie they have ever made ("To Grandmother's House We Go" being my favorite)  shamelessly watched "In a New York Minute" as an adult and loved it.  I have taken a picture of their hair to my hairdresser too many times to count, you get the picture...
I would certainly love to support their amazing Elizabeth and James line on the regular but that is not quite in the budget at the moment, so in the meantime I will support StyleMint.  Here's how it works:  When you go to StyleMint you take a very fun quiz where they learn what your style is and then you are a presented with a showroom full of amazing Ts/tops (they've also added sunglasses, skirts, dresses, etc.) that are all priced at a reasonable $29.99.  Every month new styles are added to the showroom and you have the option to opt out if none of the styles suit you.  I have conveniently forgotten to opt out a few times and oops, ok, twist my arm, I'll pick out a new top.  The tops I have gotten have been great quality and unique enough to not just be another solid T in my drawer.  I think it is getting very popular because the best styles are selling out quick! I haven't tried any other line yet, I lust after the shoes every month but the heels are usually way too high and I am very particular about the way shoes fit my feet.  Also, they have coupon codes pretty regulary which means even more affordable!

This was my choice last month and I have been living in soft and wonderful and you can easily dress it up or down.

Oh hey Mary-Kate, what's up?  Guess what, we're wearing the same shirt today.  I threw this on today with some nice pants and some extra jewelry and bam! work appropriate.

I'm considering this sunny and fun tank for this month's pick...

The best part, everything comes in brown paper packages tied up with string...

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fifty shades of what?!

Everyone and their mother (well definitely not my mother, I can assure you that) is reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  From what I have heard about the book I am completely shocked it is so mainstream.  I have read a few articles about it now and have heard it repeatedly referred to as "Mommy porn."  My friend (who shall remain nameless) is reading it and put it perfectly when she said "Nicholas Sparks is mommy porn, this is hardcore porn!"  I had another friend say she had to stop reading it for a few days because she was disturbed and felt dirty.  I am not a prude per say but grew up in a very strict household in terms of what we were allowed to watch and I feel like I will hear my mother's voice as I read it asking me why I'm reading this trash and where has the morality gone in this country?!  I can't say I disagree with her on that.  I am constantly saying that I am terrified for my children to grow up in a country where morals seem to be completely lost.  Also, where are the novels where women are potrayed in a strong, independent light and why aren't they popular?!  I could rant all day on these issues so I'll just stop there...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dream BIG!

As I've mentioned before I am obsessed with Pinterest.  I have gotten so many great ideas from it, mostly recipes and activities for Beck, but also shopping and ideas for the home.

I am currently getting ready to give our bedroom and guest room a mini facelift and I have found paint colors and decorating ideas that without pinterest would have taken lots of trial and error (emphasis on the error). 

I also have a few boards that just make me happy to look at.  Some of the clothes / fashion I know I'll never wear in my everyday life but it is there to inspire me when I shop and get dressed! 

My favorite board is probably my Dream BIG! board.  It has images of gorgeous homes and design.  When David and I were in Oxford we went to a home of a friend of the family.  It was over 100 years old, with porches off of every side of the house.  I whispered to David, "this is like a house on Pinterest."  It was beyond gorgeous with probably 20 foot ceilings, huge crown molding, old fireplaces...the house had been redone but they tried their best to restore it to its original charm.  It wasn't some huge monstrosity, or a newly built mcmansion, it was just a beautiful old southern home fully restored.  David told me to take pictures and that they wouldn't mind but I did not want to embarrass myself. 

I dream about that house (and the ones below) but for now (I mean I'm only 26!) pictures and tours (where I am open mouthed the entire time) will have to satisfy those dreams.

Can I build this tomorrow?

Doors open to porches everywhere.

A dutch door is a must my dreams.

Cedar shake, ok.

I want a porch I can live on.

This kitchen, those doors, so much character.

I die.

I would never leave and that would be embarrassing.

Outdoor shower in FL, why not!

Obviously Cher Horowitz's closet is my dream but this is isn't too shabby either...

In my wildest....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

I took a bit of a technology break during Lent and I have had a hard time getting the motivation to start back on the blog!

I also had a hard time motivating myself to work out again, apparently I gave that up for Lent too.  But David convinced me to join boot camp again, which I could kill him for as he lays there snug in bed at 5:00am while I drag my sore body to the car.

Life has been quite busy lately, between work and Beck.  However, David and I did manage a little weekend getaway last week!  We went to Oxford, MS...I know it sounds so glamorous.  David went to both undergrad and law school at Ole Miss, and I have been dying to see the town. 
We went for their spring weekend and had a great time.  We saw some games (football and baseball), saw his friend Sanders Bohlke's show (find his amazing music here), ate way too much, and did some shopping (probably too much in David's opinion).
I did feel a little old on a college campus, and I got a little too giddy when a "cool girl" came up to me to compliment my top. 

The cabin we stayed in was so quiet and peaceful, it was outside of Oxford about a mile deep in the woods.  I took a nap everyday, sighhh.

How pretty is Oxford's town square?!  I am obsessed with southern architecture, much of our weekend was spent riding around and looking at homes and the campus.

Although it was nice to escape and pretend we were young college kids again for a weekend nothing makes me happier than this little face!

P.S. One thing I noticed...many college boys were more in touch with their feminine side than I remember.  As we walked to dinner on Saturday a group of fraternity boys rode through town blasting this song.  I have to admit I am kind of obsessed with it now but I have to play with when David's not around to avoid the eye rolls.

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